Friday, September 26, 2014

What's in a your bag this morning?

Well, the weather is certainly changed a bit this morning, eh?  I hope you added an extra layer, shook your fist at the threatening sky, and promptly threw a leg over the saddle and headed out on your morning commute.  The slightly crisp weather makes it a new adventure even if it is the same old route.  A few adjustments to the gear in the bag or pannier should make the afternoon return a non-event.  Here's a shot of the "mandatory" things in my bag today.

Can you guess which item is the best add on for today?'s not the delectable sushi....although you could make that argument.  It may be green in color and shed water.....

If you braved the ride today and I hope your bag included the rain coat.  It looks like it might be the accessory to have for the weekend ride as well!

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